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Tools for Game Development

Content creation just got a lot easier with the Lanica’s suite of products. Rapidly create sprite sheets, particle effects, sprite-sheets from Adobe Flash animations, and iterate faster than before to create stunning games and get to market quicker.

The suite of game tools in the Lanica game platform includes Animo Code, Animo Sprites, Animo Particles, Animo Font, Animo SpriteLoq and our Platino Game Engine. Pick one tool, or all the tools.


Game Development for Titanium

Lanica’s Platino is a cross-platform (iOS and Android) game engine for Titanium developers. Platino supports sprite sheets, particle effects, custom fonts, and has a built in isometric engine for creating immersive 2.5D games. Use your Titanium skills to gamify your apps, or create full-featured games without having to learn a new framework.


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Animo Spriteloq

Reuse your Flash Content

You have hundreds, if not thousands, of Flash animations that you want to use, but you can’t find the original artwork. With Animo Spriteloq, you can import these animations, then export them as sprite sheets for your game, saving you time and money.


Design. Develop. Deploy.

Lanica covers the entire interactive development lifecycle for full collaboration between developers, artists, and game designers. From Flash animations and prototypes, to our Spritesheet creation and management tool, to our Particle creator, development couldn’t be easier. Leverage these different disciplines for creating award winning games.



Lanica is used by game studios and interactive agencies, such as: